“The Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance is committed to providing Education, Support, and Funding of Research for Ovarian Cancer throughout Wisconsin.”  There is currently no test for ovarian cancer.  With your continued support WOCA was able to donate $40,000 to ovarian cancer research in Wisconsin last year!!!

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Join me to support ovarian cancer research and education!

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No One Fights Alone!

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Judy’s journey began in May 2016 when she went for her annual physical exam with her OB-GYN.  She was shocked to find out that, although symptom-free, she had ovarian cancer.   After a hysterectomy and six rounds of chemotherapy, Judy is celebrating being cancer-free.   She is thankful for the support from her family, friends, coworkers […]

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Early detection and intervention saved my life.

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Please support the Ovarian Cancer Crusaders on our 5th year walking in memory of Lori Nault. Lori succumbed to her battle with Ovarian cancer after 3 years on April 24th, 2014.

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January 10, 2014 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and BRCA1 postive. Today, I am doing well. I was lucky, but many other women are not. We need to raise funds for awareness, treatments, and to find a test to detect Ovarian Cancer. This is my 3rd year supporting Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance (WOCA). So if you are able to Walk, Run, stroll or bring a chair and sit with us please do. Or you can donate here.. ❤

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Laura Clark-Hansen was a passionate advocate for WOCA and contributed her many gifts to advance the awareness of Ovarian Cancer through Survivors Teaching Students®, The Globe-athon, The Whisper Walk and through her many performances of Please Send Hats. Her family and friends will be honoring her with Laura’s Buns of Teal Team.

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My name is Krisi and I am a six year survivor of Ovarian Cancer. Unlike most women, I was in the lucky 10% to get diagnosed at an earlier stage – thanks to the ultrasound for my 2nd child in July of 2011. Today I am the mom of 3 beautiful children and count myself lucky to be here to raise them and awareness for this deadly disease.
This year we walk in memory of my great aunt Carol who lost her battle with ovarian cancer this June.
Help me give a voice to the disease that whispers.

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