The Best Electric Razor

Shaving is a daily routine for men. Without the right tool or trade, it can be frustrating and lead to skin issues. Everybody of course yearns for a shave that smooth and easy to achieve. The good news is that there are all kinds of shavers and razors that can be used to make the process more pleasant. The Braun Series 7-760cc is one of the best electric razors that you can find at an affordable price. It is perhaps the best electric razor that you can find thanks to the features that it comes with. This razor uses Pulsonic technology instead of foils to raise the flat hairs on the neck and face. Through the thousands of vibrations every minute, the common red bumps created by straights razors have been eliminated.

foil shaverThis razor, just like other electric razors can create skin irritation for new users before the skin gets used to the shaver. In a span of three to four weeks, the skin will get used to the shaver and the irritation will subside.

The Unique Features

Just like any product, the shaver has features that make it stand out and probably the best electric razor ever.

The optifoil technology: It is included in the design of the razor and allows longer hairs around the beard and even on the legs to be trimmed properly. This technology offers a closer shave and together with the pulsonic technology that lifts hair, a smoother shave is enjoyed every time.

The activelift technology: The Braun has this as its third complimentary feature that makes all facial hair trimmed thoroughly. Men who grow neck hair in unusual ways know how notorious it can be to shave the area. This technology lifts the hair enough for a smooth shave without the usual multiple passes that are required when using a razor. It does not shave against or with the grain and this eases irritation after shaving.

Flexibility: This shaver is amazingly flexible as far as the foils are concerned. If you have any questions relating to the place and how to use eyebrow shaver, you can call us at our page. The flexibility is an added advantage considering that it makes it possible to reach the square jaw areas and round areas of the face and still achieve that clean shave that every man is looking for. The flexible nature of the razor makes it easier to shave other parts of the body too, but it might be irritating shave the outsides of the legs. You might want to opt for creams and waxing for other parts to keep the irritation at bay.

The cleaning system: It is probably the feature that makes the shaver the best electric razor of all. It is a great addition in the shaving process considering that the blades can be gummed with stubble dulling the cutting surfaces over time. When this happens, you simply will need to turn on the cleaning system of the razor to clean it easily when you need to. This makes sure that you use a new like razor with every shave and this is something that is usually not enjoyed with other razors.

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