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Upgrade Your Business Presentations In Minutes

Stop: What do you want to stop doing in your business? For example, maybe you want to stop receiving so much “junk” in your in-box. One way to do this is to unsubscribe from the lists of those emails you don’t read, but file for “someday.” If you haven’t read something in a month, it’s time to let it go. What else do you want to stop doing in your business? Maybe you want to stop attending meetings that are not fruitful for you. Whatever it is that isn’t helping you or could be hurting you, figure it out and stop doing it.

 online (newman)I hope this short series helps you produce top quality letters that make you and your organisation look highly professional. Because of the numerous requests I receive to help with letters, I may produce an ebook about good business communication instruction in future as time permits. Watch this space.

Be tolerant and value differences. It’s OK if the lawyer can’t turn on his laptop. You probably don’t want to be his opposing counsel in front of a judge.

business communication instruction When you’ve come up with a few, check them out on a keyword suggestions tool. You might also use that tool to suggest similar words and phrases. Then find out how several results there would be should you searched for that term. What you long for to do next is narrow down your choices to the words or phrases that are searched for the most, but have the fewest results.

As hard as this is, resist the temptation to give a fan-deck of options. Focus on one action. The very next step. This helps overloaded audiences know exactly what to do. The end of your presentation is a time to guide and give clear directions.

business instruction Choose the best method of teaching management communication – Will you email, talk once a week, connect on Skype? What other steps will you take to ensure things are running well and according to schedule? Have scheduled discussions and talk about what you hope to accomplish and whether or not it’s on track. This leads us to our next point-be bold and don’t be afraid to be honest.

Critical conversations need the right environment. Any conversation that is important needs the right environment to ensure success. That includes the where…where is it going to take place; the how…on the phone or face-to-face; and the time…it can’t be rushed. Even if you are the president and you are talking to the person lowest person on the organizational chart, turn off your phone and hold your calls. Noting dilutes the importance of a critical conversation more than texting or taking another call in the midst of it.

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